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Learning and teaching academic standards for the Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities: History Standards Statement.

This document specifies and explains the proposed national standards for history.

Brawley etal 2011 HistoryAustralia.pdf
Brawley, S., J. Clark, C. Dixon, L. Ford, L. Grolman, S. Ross and S. Upton. “Applying standards to tertiary-level history: Policy, challenges and the After Standards project”. History Australia 8.3 (2011): 177-194.

AS S8 TESTA Overview.pdf
PowerPoints presentations and supplemental documents (in PDF) of the following Expert Projects (Sessions 7-8):

-Graham Gibbs: Transforming the Experience of Students through Assessment (TESTA)
-Lendol Calder: The Moral of the Story, a History…

After Standards Workshop 1 Feedback.pdf
A series of excel worksheets and charts that reports feedback collected during the first After Standards Workshop held at UNSW from 27-29 April 2011

After Standards Workshop Feedback.pdf
A series of excel worksheets and charts that reports feedback collected during the second After Standards Workshop

Brawley 2011 ISSOTL.pdf
A presentation delivered by Sean Brawley at the 2011 International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning conference, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA (20-23 October).

The mapping of course Learning Outcomes (LOs), and their alignment with assessment tasks, are crucial ways in which we can demonstrate that our programs meet the History standards - or identify areas that need further development. Thus, LO and…

AS Mapping Template.pdf
A curriculum mapping template for plotting History Threshold Learning Outcomes at each level of an undergraduate career.

May ASSH Newsletter on LTAS project.pdf
A newsletter discussing the background and nature of the national standards in history.

To provide After Standards with needed information and prepare you and your colleagues for the project, we have created this questionnaire. It will form the basis of a data repository that will assist you in the months ahead, serving both as a…
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