Participant questionnaire


Participant questionnaire


After Standards Workshop


To provide After Standards with needed information and prepare you and your colleagues for the project, we have created this questionnaire. It will form the basis of a data repository that will assist you in the months ahead, serving both as a diagnostic tool for assessing your own institution and also as a quick and ready comparison with other institutions.

To get the most value from the April symposium, we require an understanding of the landscape in which your major is situated. We need you to fill out the attached forms, which gather and transmit data that will be used during the symposium to help you build a diagnostic curriculum mapping tool for history at your institution.

The data we require needs to be harvested from all of your course/subject guides by 01 April 2011. We appreciate this will take time, but this information is essential to the task of assessing the discipline as we prepare for - and try to influence - the compliance requirements of a national standards environment. You do not need to manipulate the raw data in any way; if all your course/subject guide materials exist electronically (published online in program handbook, for example), this task could be completed fairly easily by an administrative member of your department/school.

At most institutions today in Australia, history no longer exists in its own administrative unit (if it ever did in some places). When we use the term “department”, therefore, it can refer to either an administrative unit dedicated to the teaching of history (e.g., a School of History), or to the collective of historians who teach together in a larger multi-disciplinary department or school. For the purpose of this exercise, “program” can also be read as “degree” or sometimes “course” (e.g., the Bachelor of Arts). Finally, “Course”, indicates the subject, unit or paper in which a student is taught (e.g., HIST0001: Introduction to Australian History).

Thank you for your time and effort; we look forward to seeing you all in April.


Shawn Ross






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