Learning Outcome and Assessment Worksheet


Learning Outcome and Assessment Worksheet


After Standards Workshop


The mapping of course Learning Outcomes (LOs), and their alignment with assessment tasks, are crucial ways in which we can demonstrate that our programs meet the History standards - or identify areas that need further development. Thus, LO and assessment information is critical for our stocktaking in advance of the workshop. The data will be utilised in the workshop to assist you in preparing your history major for a standards compliance / audit environment.

Filling in the form will take some time. If you already have this information in digital format (e.g., electronic course guides or course proposals), then we are happy to enter the information for you - submit what you have instead of completing this form. If you still operate in a paper-based environment we ask you to do the data entry.

In the form, each page represents a course. When you add a course, a new page will be generated. Within each course, you may add Learning Outcomes and assessments independently. If possible, align each assessment with a Learning Outcome (see below). You may press "Save" in Adobe Acrobat or Reader at any time to save the information you have entered. When you are finished, use the "Submit via Email" button at the bottom of this page. Please save a copy of this form for your records.

Thank you for your time and effort; we look forward to seeing you all in April.


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