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After Standards Workshop 1 Feedback.pdf
A series of excel worksheets and charts that reports feedback collected during the first After Standards Workshop held at UNSW from 27-29 April 2011

Workshop delegate photos.pdf
All available photographs of Workshop organisers and delegates.

S3 WB1 Content and Skills.pdf
Session notes (PDF) from the following sessions:

-Session 3-B1 Content and Skills
-Session 4-B2 Assessment
-Session 5-A3 Negotiating Bureaucracy
-Session 5-B3 Assessing Learning
-Session 5-B3 Assessing Learning - Handout
-Session 11…

AS S8 TESTA Overview.pdf
PowerPoints presentations and supplemental documents (in PDF) of the following Expert Projects (Sessions 7-8):

-Graham Gibbs: Transforming the Experience of Students through Assessment (TESTA)
-Lendol Calder: The Moral of the Story, a History…

AS S1-1 Introduction.pdf
PowerPoint presentations (in PDF) from the following sessions:

-Session 1.1: Introduction
-Session 1.2: Setting the Agenda
-Session 2.3: The Texas Experience
-Session 3.A1: Compliance
-Session 3.B1: Content and Skills
-Session 4.A2:…

The final version of the program for the Workshop held at UNSW from 27-29 April 2011.

Two versions of this document are attached, one with abstracts and one without.
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